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Asphalt Services

Lot Overlay’s
Large or small PAVE 911 can overlay your existing parking lot or driveway.
We utilize the newest equipment to mill and resurface your lot.  Depending on the lot depth, milling and and overlay will yield a fantastic end product.
Asphalt Repair
PAVE 911’s team can fix your potholes, sink holes, or issues with excessive cracking or water damage.
Sealcoat is like spray paint for your asphalt.  It seals the small cracks and returns your asphalt to looking “new” again.  PAVE 911 always sweeps your lot prior to a sealcoat application.
PAVE 911’s believes the most critical component of asphalt maintenance is crack seal.  Cracks allow moisture penetration below the surface we recommend sealing cracks every couple of years.  All cracks are blown with high pressure air prior to tar application.
Line Striping
Improve your image and parking safety with a fresh coat of paint.  We design and layout new lots in addition to re-striping existing parking stalls.  We paint curbs, bollards parking blocks and have stencils to meet your specifications and needs.

Concrete Services

Commercial/Heavy Industrial
Heavy industrial and commercial is where our concrete division shines.  Our quality and efficiency will have you lot back open quickly to avoid downtime.
Concrete Repair
Removal and Replacement of spalled, cracked or failing concrete is important to the safety of your customers and employees.  We can typically remove and replace around 5,0000 square feet of concrete perday.
New Construction
Commercial & Residential new construction.
Residential Driveway & Sidewalk
We guarantee same day tear out and replacement of concrete at your home.  Our crew’s efficiency eliminates you parking in the street for weeks waiting on slow contractors to finish the project.
Joint Sealing
The best way to protect your concrete investment is to keep it sealed.  PAVE 911 uses the very best concrete joint sealer products on the market.  We grind all cracks to remove debris, blow with high pressure air, the apply sealer.
Salt Protection
If you use salt at your home or business during the winter, sealing the concrete is a must.  PAVE 911 uses the very best products to help you protect your investment.

other services

Lot Sweeping
Here for your lot sweeping needs.
Island Removal and Addition
We offer additional services including excavation and haul-off, island demolition, and island additions.
Paint Removal
Do you need to change your layout or eliminate markings on your lot? PAVE 911 can sandblast markings off and preserver your asphalt or concrete.
Parking Block Installation
We remove and replace deteriorated parking blocks, or can install for the first time into new parking lots.

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