(Pavement Dressing Conditioner)

Invented by Mr. Ed McGovern, PDC (Pavement Dressing Conditioner) has been on the forefront in pavement rejuvenation and consistently been a leader in pavement preservation and restoration ever since.

PDC is an asphalt rejuvenator that will significantly lower viscosity and increase penetration. PDC will also lower the asphalt’s softening point, and increase the ductility of the binder without disturbing the binders ability to retain aggregate and not significantly lower skid resistance. PAVE LLC is the exclusive supplier and installer in the midwest. asphalt restoration sealcoat 

This is a before and after image of a parking lot displaying the effects of PDC (Pavement Dressing Conditioner)


(Pavement Dressing Conditioner)

PDC contains no water and will allow the rejuvenator/sealer to penetrate into and become an integral part of the pavement. By being on the pavement and not just on it, the treatment expands and contracts with the pavement through thermal cycles. The result: no unsightly coating cracks.

PDC gives true meaning to the word maintenance. The PDC treatment rejuvenates and preserves the pavement with tough fuel and water-resistant coal tars. The rejuvenator portion soaks into the aging pavement to restore suppleness and extend pavement life.


PDC on asphalt.


PDC penetrates Asphalt.


(Penetrates the Asphalt Binder)


  • Reduces Viscosity & makes asphalt less brittle
  • Will not peel, crack or delaminate
  • Penetrates asphalt to restore & rejuvenate asphalt binder
  • Preserves asphalt by halting aging and restores flexibility
  • Extends asphalt life by 4-5 years with each application to
    structurally sound pavement
  • Protects against fuel, oil and other contaminants
  • Meets & exceeds FAA & Military Specs
Asphalt with traditional sealcoat.


sealcoat does not penetrate asphalt.

Conventional Sealcoat

(Dries on Surface)


  • When applied, sealcoat rests on the surface, like paint
  • Does not penetrate asphalt during application
  • Tends to peel, crack or delaminate
  • Lifespan of 1-2 years before signs of wear and tear
  • Frequent maintenance required for upkeep