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Asphalt and concrete pavement are utilized in a variety of different applications because of their durability, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of construction, and strength. They are the materials of choice for parking lots across the nation because asphalt withstands heavier loads and, when combined with proper asphalt and concrete maintenance, lasts for many years.

In order to maximize the life of your parking lot, it is important to develop a pavement management plan involving routine inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Design and Planning

Design & Planning

By thoroughly discussing the project beforehand and employing scope development services, we can produce a professional site plan with the aid of site surveys and computer modelling programs.

Often times we’re contacted by potential clients who have a need and don’t know the best solution. It’s in these situations that we excel. Our project managers will come out and walk the site with the client and listen to their concerns. We know the questions to ask that will enable us to formulate a collaborative plan.


Design and Planning
Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing

PAVE 911 believes the most critical component of asphalt maintenance is the crack seal. Cracks allow moisture penetration below the surface we recommend sealing cracks every couple of years. All cracks are blown with high-pressure air prior to tar application.

Identifying pavement cracks and sealing them in a timely manner is the most cost-effective preventative maintenance procedure. That’s because a sealed crack is protected from water penetration. If left untreated, water is free to permeate the surface through the crack and erode the base or sub-base. Furthermore, open cracks can quickly widen and spread with the repeated stress of traffic and weather conditions such as freeze/thaw cycles, which leads to more expensive structural repairs.



Lot Striping

Lot Striping

Improve your image and parking safety with a fresh coat of paint. We design and layout new lots in addition to re-striping existing parking stalls. We paint curbs, bollards parking blocks and have stencils to meet your specifications and needs.

Consumer studies indicate that faded striping in the parking lot is one of the top things customers associate with poor brand image. In addition to creating a bad impression, faded pavement markings make it difficult for customers to park safely. After the initial application, restriping should occur every two to three years. This time-frame may vary depending on the amount of sun exposure, traffic load, or snowplow damage the site has endured. Be sure your parking lot is inspected regularly to assess the condition of striping and other markings.


Lot Striping

Sign Installation

PAVE LLC installs any and all signs to maintain ADA compliance as well as provide clear rules for traffic in any setting. Some common sign installation services are:

  • Handicap
  • Handicap Van Accessible
  • Stop Signs
  • Speed Limit
  • Miscellaneous Signs



Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair Omaha

ADA Compliance Consultation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990 requires that all public commercial properties (and some common areas of residential areas such as clubhouses or pools) maintain an open access policy with regards to disabled individuals in wheelchairs. One of the easiest and most common ways this is accomplished is through the use of ADA Handicap Ramps at all entrances wherever stairs or elevation changes are present.

As the property manager, you’ll need to continuously monitor your parking lots for any possible violations and be sure they’re always up to the current code. Violations of ADA parking regulations can result in injuries and even lawsuits. To avoid any complications with your parking lots, it’s always best to be proactive and mindful of the code.


Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair Omaha

Joint Caulk / Tar Installation

PAVE LLC provides high-quality joint sealing services utilizing caulking and crack fill products as well as tar installation.

Salt Sealing

If you use salt at your home or business during the winter, sealing the concrete is a must.  PAVE LLC uses the very best products to help you protect your investment.

A common problem with concrete due to the elements and age is corrosion. Sealing the surface blocks the pores in the concrete and forms a protective layer to prevent the absorption of water and salt into the concrete.


Parking Blocks

PAVE LLC offers services in removing and replacing deteriorated parking blocks or can install for the first time into new parking lots.



Lot Sweeping

The asphalt and concrete surfaces in your parking lot or garage represent a significant investment, so it makes sense to keep them clean. Sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris which shortens the service life of your parking area’s pavement, striping, and seal coating. The typical cost of repaving a parking lot or repairing parking deck concrete often exceeds the cost of regularly scheduled sweeping.