Concrete Services

PAVE LLC offers complete concrete services to maintain and repair surfaces and structures such as drive lanes, curbs, sidewalks, walls and ramps, dumpster pads, bumper blocks, and concrete parking decks. We can also inspect for ADA compliance and perform corrective ADA remediation.

If your concrete is showing signs of wear, don’t delay! We can address problems before they spread. PAVE LLC services include removal and replacement of failed areas, resurfacing, reconstruction, and infrared concrete repair.


Design and Planning

Design & Planning

By thoroughly discussing the project beforehand and employing scope development services, we can produce a professional site plan with the aid of site surveys and computer modelling programs.

Often times we’re contacted by potential clients who have a need and don’t know the best solution. It’s in these situations that we excel. Our project managers will come out and walk the site with the client and listen to their concerns. We know the questions to ask that will enable us to formulate a collaborative plan.


Concrete Paving Team

New Construction

PAVE LLC provides top-quality concrete paving services for both commercial and residential areas around the midwest. Our crews perform work throughout the Omaha metro area and surrounding areas.

In addition to new construction, we handle restoration projects ranging from residential to commercial.

Whether you need to pave a new roadway or street, a driveway or sidewalk, or a jogging trail or parking lot, PAVE LLC has the
experience your project requires, and we will deliver a solution that’s long-lasting.

Concrete Paving Team
Concrete Paving Omaha

Remove & Replace

Over time, cracks will appear on any pavement. If not treated early, water will infiltrate open cracks and weaken the base. This process widens existing cracks, causes new ones to form, and creates potholes. If the areas affected are concentrated, asphalt removal and replacement is an effective repair. Unsound pavement is removed by a saw cutting the perimeter of each affected area. Next, deteriorated asphalt is removed.

The existing base is re-graded and compacted. A tack coat is applied to the edges of the patch and new asphalt is installed and compacted.


Ramp Installation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990 requires that all public commercial properties (and some common areas of residential areas such as clubhouses or pools) maintain an open access policy with regards to disabled individuals in wheelchairs. One of the easiest and most common ways this is accomplished is through the use of ADA Handicap Ramps at all entrances wherever stairs or elevation changes are present.

Accessible routes shall have a 5% maximum longitudinal slope; 2% maximum cross slope. Ramp conditions have many factors that can change the requirements including width, size of landing, handrails, and total rise (in inches). As a general rule, however, the maximum slope for a ramp is 8.3%. Curb ramps shall have a minimum width of 36”, a maximum slope of 8.333%, and a maximum cross slope of 2.08%; please note that ramp wings may be a maximum of 1:10 (10%).

ADA Handicap Ramps come in two different shapes: flared and perpendicular. Perpendicular ramps are flat with the transitional surface and ramp up at 90-degree angles from the entryway. Flared ramps are ramped up with the transitional surface, with 45-degree “wings” that flare up on either side of the ramp



Floor Drain Installation

Improper drainage of surface and sub-surface water can significantly decrease the life cycle and structural integrity of your asphalt parking lot.

Unfortunately, many floor drains become so plugged with dirt and sediment to the point that they must be replaced. This project requires opening the concrete floor, cutting the cast iron piping to remove the old floor drain, installing a new floor drain, then re-cementing the floor.

Storm basins (or catch basins) are primarily used to collect pavement runoff and act as a junction for a storm drain system. They are constructed with a sump below the pipe invert. The sump collects sediment and debris entering the catch basin through the grate inlet. The collected material is typically removed by hand or by the use of a vactor truck.


Speed Bump Installation & Removal

We offer additional services in concrete speed bump installation, removal and haul-off.